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android users be like 


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like if you’ve ever tried almond milk i want to.. 


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Why is it called almond milk? It’s definitely almond juice.

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ciggy-stardust replied to your post: QUESTION.  is “nutti…

i’ve never in my life heard that omg that’s lame


barebacktothefuture replied to your post: QUESTION.  is “nutti…

I hear people say it ironically, but I’ve literally never heard anyone say it seriously and if I did I would probably slap them.

fking SAME. SAME. (we are really the same person aren’t we) 

foxyaphrodite replied to your post: QUESTION.  is “nutti…

black and latino guys use it a lot? i’ve….heard it quite a few times.

Eh, I don’t watch porn a lot, and black and latino guys I’ve been following never used it.. I understand hearing it, but it being commonly used to a degree where I’d be mocked for not knowing it… like… dude how on earth would I know it ?? 

barenakedjac replied to your post: QUESTION.  is “nutti…

nobody. nobody uses that. wtf does that even mean.

I fucking love you and you know it. let’s skype. 

pythongrl replied to your post: QUESTION.  is “nutti…

I’ve heard “bust a nut” but never “I’m gonna nut” or “I’m nutting” that’s just creepy

SAME !!!


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barebacktothefuture replied to your post: shaninosh replied to your…

I didn’t even see it, omfg. Let’s get a Britney/Kevin marriage or something equally fab

LMFAO see, we have it all planned out.. (i rly need the citizenship, no offense…) 


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shaninosh replied to your post: shoutout to jordan (ik it…

i’m so embarrassed for you cause he didnt even reply to this lol

lmaooo i just realized that he didn’t, i’m laughing so hard, jordan how come… i’m laughing so hard on a stupid reply lmao.. 


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shaninosh replied to your post: lol i love it when someone makes a post that could…

fucking figure out how msn works tbh



shaninosh replied to your post: i cant stop singing “ride me inside me super tight…

i got the milk you’re offline

im literally not im waiting for you ? ? ????? ? ?? ? ?? ? ?? ?? ? ????? ? ???